Friday, 22 May 2015

Half Term Update - May 2015

So that's it! I've now no more exams until the first day of June, thank goodness.

It feels slightly surreal that I've just about made it over half way, plus that these results actually count towards university applications and overall A2 grades.

Half term is certainly a welcome break. Of course, I have tonnes of mechanisms and conditions that need to remembered in just over a week's duration however I'm now slightly more confident, having had at least a couple of decent exams.

I'm sure that I can speak for us all when I say that me and my siblings are super excited to see our cousins this coming Monday. It feels like an absolute age since we saw them last!

To be perfectly honest with you, today's been a pretty damn good day!

Chemistry couldn't have been any more challenging, even if the examiners had tried, however I personally don't feel that it could have gone any better in my case! I suppose I was extremely lucky in the fact that everything I got incorrect during this morning's cram session coincidentally came up on the paper, and so I knew exactly what was required for full marks.

I then walked home, pretty happy with myself, only to discover that the Hitler reaction parody video I made yesterday - instead of revising for today's exam - hit 1.1K 2.2K views! Not bad for a YouTube noob with a arguably poor sense of humour! Not forgetting the fact that my blog also recently surpassed 10K all-time pageviews! In my opinion that's something fairly special.

As if all that and the May sunshine wasn't enough, I was also offered an interview for another, more local, lifeguarding job; that's supposed to pay quite a bit more per hour, I might add. The email came in at about half eleven, which itself was a packet of great news, but my eyes then skimmed across something equally as interesting.

I've now for a long while wanted to expand my skill-set, intrigued by areas such as a number of computer programming languages, actual foreign languages, photography, music theory and web development, for example. Forever trying to learn, but to no avail.

But guess what? As it just so happens, Udemy have a limited-time promotion whereby the majority of online courses are available for generous £12 each, as opposed to a couple hundred.

I can already detect a spree occurring this evening...

But despite slashing a large proportion of my bank account balance, I have a feeling it's going to be absolutely worth it -- in the long run especially. I suppose you could view it as an investment of sorts; maybe.

Whilst sat outside, I had a little help from my little sister in writing this post. She thought it was absolutely hilarious to attempt to guess which word would come next, typing her version of the post rather than mine! She also had something to say about some play button - whatever that is - or rather her confusion thinking that I'd get one. I have no idea what she means, primarily because it makes no sense to me, but she apparently now doesn't think that I'll be getting one for a very long time...

What you don't know, can't hurt you - right?

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